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Kenmore provides many resources to our members, mostly to help improve your enjoyment, learning and understanding of the game of bridge. However, like all clubs we have administration requirements and have made our best efforts to provide all things you may wish to know about the club and how it is run by your managing committee.


We hope we have covered of all those things you require and also you enjoy the links for lessons and to other outside sources but please understand we are not responsible for any use or content of these websites.

PS: If any member has a recommended website link they feel members would enjoy or there is something you feel is missing from the administration side please let us know by sending a quick email with your suggestion.



For all things to with your membership - forms, rules and regulations, constitution.......just click the button next to the item of interest.


Like all clubs and associations there is an official body and rules and regulations that should be followed. Please see link below. 

Laws and regulations
Citrus Fruits

How To

So you want to know how things work. Below we have put together a number of useful links to the many gateways to play and learn. These include our own in club lessons and instructions on how to go about using Realbridge and BBO.

We are always interested in making your interaction with the club a positive one so please feel free to click the Chat Button below if you have ideas to improve what we already have or a new idea you would like to introduce. 


Current 2023/24 Newsletters - for all other years please click on the archive button.

Folded Newspapers


Well maybe we are exaggerating a little however we do have a well-stocked and catalogued library from beginners to advanced subjects on everything contract bridge.  The library can be found in the back room and can be accessed by your session director. See below for further details.

Click library catalogue below for a complete listing of all topics and books available.

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