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Monday Morning Supervised

Graham Rusher

9am to Noon


Supervised play is for all those members who have completed the 12-week training program and want to start to play and learn with likeminded members. Kenmore have a doctrine of no fear bridge, we believe you should take your next steps in a friendly social setting and learn at a pace that suits you from one of the best.

Supervised play means you can play a hand and ask questions, like "what do I do now"? or "am I in the right contract" and Graham will help you play and learn at the same time. We provide a "Bidding Guide Sheet" fondly known as the "Cheat sheet" so you can reference what you should be bidding while you actually play.

Your Instructor

Graham Rusher

Graham is one of our founding members and past president. A Grand Master Graham has been playing, teaching and mentoring bridge for over 50 years.

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